The Name Says It All!

Upgrade your new ball machine with a Playmate Serve Lift. Not only can the Serve Lift help you practice the most important shot in tennis, the serve return, but it can do so much more. Your opponent often hits a slice with the racquet high in the air, so practice a realistic slice that comes from a naturally elevated position to create a truly game like environment.

The GRAND SLAM is the fastest ball machine in the world. It can throw any type of spin, including:

  • Left-handed Slice
  • Right-handed Slice
  • Left-handed Kick
  • Right-handed Kick
  • American Twist

The GRAND SLAM can land a 120 MPH serve every time. It can randomly serve to a player up the “T”, at the body, or out wide. The unique four wheel design allows the GRAND SLAM to grip the tennis ball like no other machine in the world. It can be used for return of serve for groups. It can simulate a 1st-serve, 2nd-serve combination to 2-lines. The options are endless!

You can purchase this machine now and buy an upgrade later that will let you use it with your iPhone or iPad.

MSRP $6,495.00 USD

(The ball machine is sold separately.)

Key Features

  • Practice Defensive Lobs Against the Ball Machine’s Overhead
  • Practice Poaching by Reading the Ball Machine’s Wide or Inside Serve
  • “Safety First” Stable Design
  • Aircraft Aluminum Construction
  • 3 Year Limited Parts Warranty
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