The Portable Ball Machine

The PLAYMATE PORTABLE BALL MACHINE is the only do-it-yourself (DIY) upgradeable, battery-powered ball machine in the world. The PORTABLE SERIES has been redesigned to be light-weight, convenient to charge, and easy to use. Upgrades include a commercial remote control system and a 2-line oscillator with random.

MSRP $2,395.00 USD

Standard Features

  • Non-memory, Removable Battery-Pack System (4-6hr)
  • SMART Charger
  • Holds 200 Balls
  • Variable Electronic Ball Speed and Feed Rate
  • Variable Topspin & Backspin
  • Commercial Pitching Wheels Pitch All Balls (Old OR New)
  • Manual Height Control
  • Integrated, Sliding Ball Hopper
  • Aircraft Aluminum Construction
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

Key Features

  • Light-weight at 46 lbs*
  • 2-Line Oscillator with Variable Electronic Width & Programmable Random Left OR Right
  • Commercial Remote Control
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